Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Links of the Day 5/31/11

If you can hardly believe it, we are 5 hours from June.

I like this imagery from the French Open for no other reason than the last line of the post.

The Thrashers are now officially off to Winnipeg.

Oh fine, here is an NBA finals preview.

Chicago 7, Boston 3 - When all is said and done, I think I sort of hate the Red Sox more this season.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Somehow, this is Delmon Young's fault

I am not a fan of blaming the umpires, and as much as I would like to blame them for the loss today, I still won't because the team managed to give up 5 runs otherwise. All that said, holy hell, this was a bad call. The gentleman in the stands didn't just hit it with his hands, he took it off the chest. If that isn't a ground rule double, I don't know what is.
I also wanted to point out the torrid pace Ron Gardenhire is on with his ejections this season. Is this what makes him a good manager? It seems peculiar to me that his rate of getting tossed is so high (4 times already... Tom Kelly was tossed 5 times in his career) just as the team is falling apart. It's almost as if he is looking for scapegoats.

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Links of the Day 5/30/11

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. And of course, a thanks to the men and women who have lost their lives in defense of our nation.

OH, Shawn Bradley. How did you get major media attention?

Jim Tressel, Ohio State coach, is out.

How do you think the alligator feels about losing to a 10 year old?

Anaheim 6, Twins 5 - A Twins comeback was not to be.
Detroit 6, Twins 5 - Wouldn't it be nice if the team would string together good hitting and good pitching games at the same time? More on this one later
Rosenborg 3, Odd 3 - RBK is still at the bottom of the league standings, but at least they have a decent enough goal differential.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

So.... people still don't care about soccer

If you watched yesterday's Champions League final, you no doubt know who this guy is. That's Ian Leonard, meteorologist for KMSP, the local Fox affiliate. There was a thunderstorm that rolled through the south metro and there were reports of large hail and even a tornado. I can't fault the TV station for having such pervasive coverage of what could have been a serious situation.
That said, last weekend, an NHL playoff game on NBC was interrupted by tornado coverage. The local affiliate provided wall to wall coverage of that. It clearly didn't affect every person in the metro, so as an alternative, the hockey game was moved to another of KARE's networks.
What happened yesterday? The storm, which affected much fewer viewers than the north Minneapolis tornado, was given wall-to-wall coverage. As I said, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that the game was simply placed in a small box at the side of the screen without any audio. What's worse, there were no other options. Despite this being the biggest match in the world, perhaps with more viewers than the Super Bowl worldwide, Minnesotans were not given another option. And if you had a problem with it? Too bad. Instead of an apologetic tone, KMSP anchors were aggressive and rude, scolding  miffed soccer fans, as their match was relegated to second tier, like Wigan Athletic.
The question I have, if this had been an early regular season NFL game, would KMSP have taken the same stance? Of course, if they had, you better believe there would have been other outlets to watch the game.

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Links of the Day 5/29/11

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so I hope most of you are reading this in the future, on your way back from a lake or barbecue.

The Champions League final was yesterday. Barcelona won. More on this later.

The Indy 500 was today. Dan Wheldon won. I will not have any more on this later.

Some entrepreneurial hockey fans have ideas on what the new Winnipeg hockey team will be named.

Minnesota 1, Los Angeles - Anthony Swarzak carried a no hitter through 7. Call me when he has a 6 walk no hitter.
Toronto 13, Chicago 4 - That's the Toronto we know and love. I think I might be on their bandwagon for the rest of the year.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Enough blame to go around

I don't know if it's been discussed here, but I generally feel like Ron Gardenhire gets too much credit when things go well with the Twins, and not nearly enough blame when they go poorly. Rather than probing that oft-undiscussed topic, I thought I would, for once, mention what is undoubtedly the worst trade that Bill Smith has ever made.
Sure, the team was looking to get faster and younger in the middle infield, which meant Orlando Hudson wasn't getting re-signed and JJ Hardy was persona non grata in the Twins clubhouse because he was actually really good at baseball and playing short stop. So he needed to be traded, apparently.
In exchange, the Twins pulled back Jim Hoey. There were other non factors in the trade, but that was essentially it. Hardy for Hoey. Since he has been here, Jim Hoey has been nothing but white hot garage. In a season in which the Twins have failed to put a smile on the faces of the sweet little cherubs in the stands at Target Field, Jim Hoey has been the most putrid of all players. Worse than Alexi Casilla.
Why on earth would Hoey be the centerpiece of this deal? His best career ERA was 7.30 back in 2007, which, coincidentally was his last season in the majors. I guess he DID dominate double A batters. And this year he keeps making it back because his stats are inflated by a remarkably low BABIP and astronomical LOB% (both things that indicate that if he was a hair unluckier, his ERA in Triple A would be enormous too).
I don't even care that Hardy was traded to make room for Casilla. Let's say that would have worked out really well if Tsuyoshi Nishioka stayed healthy. Let's just say that. There is still no way to defend a trade in which, had they received nothing in return, they would have been better off. Jim Hoey is so bad, the Twins would have been better off just giving JJ Hardy away. That's phenomenal.
(Also, relievers in the Orioles bullpen that would help the Twins : Jim Johnson, Jeremy Accardo, Koji Uehara, Kevin Gregg... we couldn't have had ANY of them?)

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Links of the Day 5/28/11

Memorial Day weekend is off to a RAUCOUS start.

If you hadn't heard, Barry Bonds has done something nice.

Ron Gardenhire... also injured.

The Twins are... goofy.

Chicago 4, Toronto 2, and Toronto 9, Chicago 8 - I know they have split the last two days, but really, is there any doubt that the Blue Jays would dominate the AL Central?
Anaheim 6, Minnesota 5 - The less said about this one the better. Ugh.


Friday, May 27, 2011

The worst possible walk up music

Walk up music. It's designed to pump you or your fans up as you walk up to the plate. It should have a good beat or riff for the 6 seconds or so as you are entering the batters box. That said, here are 5 songs that completely awful for that.

1. Babe, Styx

Ooh, yeah, gentle piano followed by the dulcet tones of Styx.

2. Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd
Ten minutes! Ten freaking minutes, and the song never really starts. Not good for a baseball game.

3. Hot Potato, The Wiggles

Actually, you know what, this isn't so bad

4. All I want for Christmas, Mariah Carey

The one advantage is that this would be confusing as hell for any opponent

5. Zombie, The Cranberries

I'm looking at you, Matt Tolbert.

Yours in the comments!


Links of the Day 5/27/11

Hey, the holiday weekend is almost here! Well, for you people. I have to work.

Huge problem right now in Milwaukee: Gnome hording.

Novak Djokovic is on a hot streak

My least favorite hockey players, the Creepy Sedins are back, looking at their potential Stanley Cup finals opponents, either the Lightning or the Bruins.

Chicago 3, Toronto 1 - I'm sure that's a typo, and it was supposed to be Chicago 3, Toronto 11.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

This weekends best highlights

Hey, this is a good sports weekend for everyone (who doesn't live in America)! It features the Champions League Finals between Manchester United and Barcelona, as well as the Indianapolis 500, both sports in which their popularity is much greater in Italy and Brazil. Anyways, here is a pretty sweet goal from Wayne Rooney who plays for Man U

And now a highlight real of Barca's Lionel Messi

Fancy music!

And last but not least, here is a wreck from the Indy 500. They go really fast.

And now, you can enjoy your NBA and NHL Playoff games, because you are all dirty Americans! (And Canadians)

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Links of the DAy 5/26/11

The sun is out and it's almost time for a holiday weekend. Good times.

Yes, I know I linked to this but please don't look at the picture of Buster Posey, mid home plate collision.

George Bush has been getting a lot of flack for this, but he definitely could have made the catch if that lady hadn't fove in his way.

Man, if Brian Fuentes is this irritated with the bullpen management in Oakland, imagine if he had stayed in Minnesota.

Seattle 3, Minnesota 0 - Erik Bedard? Seriously?
Texas 2, Chicago 1 - The Rangers are the defending AL champion. Just a reminder.


So what IS the problem?

I have said all along the problem with the team was the hitting. Now, the team is getting healthy, and they still aren't winning. Maybe the problem is the pitching. Well, I aim to find out through a quick, completely arbitrary study.
To wit: the quality start is defined as when a pitcher allows 3 or fewer runs in 6 or more innings. Since that is definied as quality pitching, I will say a quality pitching involves a relief outing held to that same standard. In layman's terms, I will say it is bad pitching if the team allows 5 or more runs in a game. On that same token, I call it bad hitting if they score 4 or fewer. So, to this point, which has been a bigger problem?
Well, by that (again, completely arbitrary) threshold, the team has had a whopping 19 bad pitching games. That's not so good. Of course, that pales in comparison to the THIRTY SEVEN bad hitting games. The Twins have failed to reach 5 runs 37 times this season. That is really bad.

In summary, the problem is still definitely the hitting.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Links of the Day 5/25/11

I can't believe today is the last Oprah ever.  Now what will I change the channel from at 4 o'clock every day?

The Twins are looking at moving Kevin Slowey

.So Curtis Granderson is tearing the cover off the ball. Why? How? When? Etc.

A dpg has done something I could never do... compete in a marathon.

Chicago 8, Texas 6 - All right, I guess I should probably be done with the Chicago jokes.
Minnesota 4, Seattle 2 - The Twins got a complete game from Nick Blackburn.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Baked Apples with creamy custard

This is my second dessert, and the Food Network recipe I had described it as "health food". I am no diatician, but when a recipe calls for butter, ice cream, egg yokes, brown sugar and cinnamon, I am reluctant to call it healthy.
Anyways, the creamy custard was the ice cream and egg yokes, whisked together over heat. I managed to burn it. Yes, I burned ice cream. But there was enough that I was able to use it. It ended up a little yolky, but there was enough vanilla that it was still sweet. The flavor that stood out was when the butter mixed with the custard and the soft apple, of course. It was definitely dessert, and definitely unlike anything else I have had before. As usual,it didn't photograph well.


Links of the Day 5/24/11

Hi! I'm here to write some stuff on the internet.

Holy crap, a metro sports guy that shares some similar as mine.

Some solid medicinal advice to the world's athletes.

This guy ran pretty good at the blackjack table

Texas 4, Chicago 0 - The highlight of this game was former president Bush evading a foul ball.
Seattle 8, Minnesota 7 - I had to work at 6 this morning, so I fell asleep before this game was over. I'm sure nothing frustrating happened to finish this one.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Problems with the Vikings stadium plan

There has been much rejoicing lately in Vikingland with the prospect of a new stadium plan for a facility in Arden Hills. Of course, people are simply getting excited about an option. There is nothing in place yet, but since everything has looked so bleak, another new idea is enough to get people excited.
I am here to rain on parades. Here are some of the problems that come immediately to mind with this stadium plan (some are problems with Minnesota stadium plans in general)

- The state and county would be on the hook for 650 million dollars, which is more than Target Field cost in it's entirety (the government paid 392 million for the Twins stadium). Target Field was an unpopular project for public funding at the time (and still is in some circles), and THAT was built during relatively good financial times, and for a primary tenant that will in a bad season, use the facility 69 more times than the Vikings will in a best case scenario season.

- For the record, in the final season before the Twins moved out of the Metrodome, they drew 2.4 million fans. In 2009, when the Vikings went to the postseason and were able to play their entire season in the same stadium, they drew 510000, one fifth of what the Twins pulled in. If you had 30k more seats, that gets you to about 800k a season.

- There is the 300 million dollars of transportation improvements that need to be done as well. I don't know the area well, but apparently they need to make some more exits, build at least one of two more roads to the area, and you had better believe that those improvements aren't going to be paid for by the Vikings. Taxes for Ramsey County residents may not increase, but you had better believe the potholes in St Paul are going to take some time getting filled.

- It's on a superfund site.This is a big deal.

- Oh, it's not on any existing mass transit routes, so I guess you can either lump that in with the cost of transportation improvements, or more likely mark it as a loss for the state, because I bet the Vikings fans would be more receptive to having people drive to the stadium and pay them for parking. No money, then, to the state for train fare.

- Arden Hills is hardly on the way to anywhere, except maybe from Forest Lake or White Bear Lake. Fun fact.. I have lived in the Twin Cities my entire life and have never been to that part of the metro. I have to believe that this isn't that unusual a phenomenon.

So, enjoy your moment, Vikings fans. People are still trying, and that's a good, thing, but there needs to be a better idea.

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Links of the Day 5/23/11

Oh, hello again. Let's try this... a post in the morning.

What exactly did Andre Ethier do to get himself injured?

Here is a good look at the Wild and what they might do this offseason.

Soccer in America.

Gave it to you all yesterday...


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some levity

After the tornado rumbled through the north metro here in the Twin Cities today, there was nothing but bad news, beginning with the damage, the word that there was a death, then news of gunshots and looting. Awful. Well, at least there is this video, from KARE 11's Jana Shortal, and the man who was interviewed about the storm at about the 50 second mark.

Yes sir, that sounds like an awfully terrifying tornado. Or braying donkey.

Good luck with the recovery, everyone.


Links of the Day 5/22/11

I hope everyone is OK after the tornado that swept through north Minneapolis today. Scary stuff. Passed very close to where my mom was visiting my grandmother. (Best wishes to those in LaCrosse and Joplin, Missouri as well)

If you would like to see a slide show or stay up to date with the latest on the twister, here is a link to the story on KARE 11.

Small world... Cubs president grabs a homerun at Fenway.

There was a horsey race yesterday.

Chicago 9, Los Angeles 2 and Chicago 8, Los Angeles 3 - Haha! The NL West must suck!
Arizona 9, Minnesota 6 and Arizona 3, Minnesota 2 -Daww barnacles
Blackburn 3, Wolverhampton 2 - The Rovers are staying up! Yes!


I've been out all day, and it's way too late

Sooo..... here is a video of some roughhousing elephants. AAWWWWW


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Links of the Day 5/21/11

Hey, the sun came out! This can't last.

This is what happens when you only air one or 2 games west of the Mississippi for the entire season.

NHL analysts are going to LOVE going back to Winnipeg.

This sounds about right.

Los Angeles 6, Chicago 4 - Thisi s funny to me, because it could be any of 4 different matchups. (It was the Dodgers versus the White Sox and it went extra frames)
Arizona 8, Minnesota 7 - I can say, even though the Twins lost, this is one of the best games I have watched all season. Nice to see some life.


Wait... Neckbeard to Minnesota?

I have often said that Kyle Orton ruined college for me. You see, he was the highly touted QB that started all 4 years I was in school. Even in the best of times, he was unable to execute in the clutch, and was, admittedly, very underwhelming. I wish him the best, what with him being a Purdue grad, but I still harbor some resentment for his inability to win a big game, or to generally have any sort of poise.
That said, I have extraordinarily mixed feelings about this.I mean.. I just... I don't know what to say. Am I happy? Upset? I don't know, but I definitely feel something.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Links of the Day 5/20/11

Hope you made it through your Friday. Consider these links for weekend reading.

Derek Boogaard's death was ruled an accidental overdose.

Are the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg? Sure sounds like it.

Here, here's an inspirational story. A kid does what it takes to keep playing baseball.

Rosenborg 1, Start 1 - Start scores an extra time goal to break the backs of the men from Trondheim.
Minnesota 11, Oakland 2 - No, that was not a typo.
Chicago 8, Cleveland 1 - The Indians can beat everyone but Chicago and Minnesota.


The Delmon Young play

I think we all know the play I am talking about. Yunel Escobar lined it over Young's head and it bounced past him. He then stopped and Denard Span had to run from center field to grab it. He was rightfully panned by commentators and fans alike.
The problem I have with the play (well, outside of the play itself) is that it was never addressed. Gardenhire was interviewed and said that it was addressed, and that was the end of it. Nobody pressed Gardenhire, nobody bothered to interview Young (or Span) on the topic. I mean, really, come on sports media. Let's probe at least a little bit before we continue to tear the young man down.
Gardenhire had him in the lineup the next day. Gardenhire is a stickler for effort, and has criticized Young for as much  during his first few years. The fact that he was in the lineup the next day told me that it was a non-issue in the Clubhouse. Instead when he was benched for two games, the calls for his head started again. Of course, today, Gardenhire said that he was benched because he kept striking out, not because of the play or effort.
So, yes, it was a bad play, an ugly display of baseball, but why don't journalists do a little journalism before letting a fan base jump down someone's throat?
Except Souhan. He'll always be a racist dick.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Links of the Day 5/19/11

Happy Thursday. Who's ready for the CSI Season Finale?!

Things aren't going so well with the Rovers of Blackburn.

Sure, Federer executed the shot, but it was still horrible footwork.

Great baseball player disguises through the years.

Chicago 1, Cleveland 0 - The Indians, as a reminder, recently scored 19 in about 5 innings.
Minnesota 4, Oakland 3 - Extra innings and a Delmon Young sighting as the Twins string together 2 (TWO!) in a row


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jim Souhan's logic trouble

My absolute favorite columnist in the history of Minnesota journalism penned another masterpiece Monday, which appeared in the Tuesday paper. Yes... Jim Souhan is at it again! Let's see what this day's installment brought us!

Souhan: Six weeks of slop brings blame, concern

Yes, it's another post on the Twins! Souhan is usually rational and well reasoned when it comes to sports in general and the Twins specifically. Let's see what he has to say!

Remember the good ol' days of Twins baseball? Remember back in ought-10, when Minnesota's most likeable franchise opened Target Field, the Happiest Place on the Prairie, and frolicked through a near-perfect summer of glowing sunshine and inspirational play?
That celebratory season seems long ago and far away as a childhood beach vacation. In 2011, the Twins are endangering everything they've built, from their huge season-ticket base to their long-held reputation as a resilient and hyper-competitive team.

This is mostly just here to show you that there was a two paragraph, poorly written intro. Remember when the Twins were good? That was great. Got it.

Sun-warmed sellout crowds cheering for a division champion have yielded to smatterings of damp and angry fans wondering why their model franchise can't throw strikes or run the bases

I'm not sure anyone is wondering at this point. Injuries, bad management, and bad luck. But do continue.

Sunday, in their 11-3 loss to Toronto at Target Field, they fell to a baseball-worst 12-26, continued to perform at a historically inept pace at the plate, and offered the sad spectacle of left fielder Delmon Young refusing to chase after a baseball while pointing at center fielder Denard Span for help.

Three paragraphs! It took to the third paragraph before he decided to blame Delmon Young for the world's problems! Denard Span is a good outfielder who was already probably running to back Young up, and Young is coming off the disabled list and probably isn't at full speed yet., so Span getting the ball may just has well have been the best play. The fact that Young was in the lineup the next day tells me it wasn't a huge deal.

Their problems raise two pointed questions: 

Let me answer them!

1. Who's to blame? 

The fickle finger of fate!

2. Where do they go from here?

Oakland! They have a two game set!
No? You have different answers? Please, indulge me.

The vocal public seems to be blaming manager Ron Gardenhire

"The general population finds it readily apparent that Ron Gardenhire is not managing well, however ...

...he has operated in exactly the same way that won him the AL Manager of the Year award last year. 

He won manager of the year last year, so obviously everyone on the planet is wrong"
Also, the "same way" he managed last year was to abuse the bullpen, make bad decisions and get tremendously lucky. So, really, he IS managing the same way as last year, but that isn't a good thing.

The front office is more culpable, because the plan of rebuilding a bullpen from spare parts and extracting a competent season out of Alexi Casilla at shortstop has backfired.

So just so we're clear... last year, the fact that the front office went out and added Jim Thome so there was a big bat to come off the bench when Morneau was hurt, and the fact that they added Orlando Hudson and JJ Hardy last year to man the middle infield is not cause to give the front office any credit, however now that the manager wanted a speedier infield (including Alexi Casilla every day!) it's THEIR fault that the Manager got exactly what he wanted and is being proven that his is an entirely unsound strategy? And yes, the bullpen sucks, but again, bullpen use, and the horrible management of the rotation is on Gardenhire's shoulders.

At a recent team meeting, after Gardenhire spoke and opened the floor to players, there was protracted silence before Span finally rose and said something like, "I have never lost in this jersey, and I'm not going to start losing here now."

And also, he said "This is some bull junk!"

While Twins officials have cited the remarkable comeback of 2006 as hope for this season, that team featured two of the most dominating starting pitchers in baseball -- Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano -- and received exceptional seasons from four everyday players -- Morneau, Mauer, Torii Hunter and Cuddyer, as well as their All-Star closer, Nathan. The 2011 team lacks aces, dominant relievers and position players compiling career seasons.

Everyone first note that Souhan cites Liriano as a dominant starting pitcher. This will be important later. As for the relievers, Glenn Perkins ERA is under 1, and Joe Nathan and Matt Capps are former all star closers, it's just that Nathan is still recovering and Matt Capps was acquired for Wilson Ramos (A decidedly mediocre catcher at this point, but that doesn't mean anything, right?).

What's more intriguing than the current, sad, state of the team is the murkiness of its future. By next spring, the Twins might be without Nathan, Matt Capps, 

I thought you said the bullpen sucked? Surely we won't miss these two


Good to take his salary off the books

Jim Thome

He's 40, and his production was bound to slip anyways. Brett Favre anyone?

Jason Kubel

I really hope he gets traded. Kubel is having a great season, and the Twins could probably get a pretty good haul from a team looking for a left handed bat.

and might be looking for a new position for Mauer, all while dealing with a dearth of big-league-ready prospects.

In my opinion, I think Mauer will still be a catcher at least 2 more seasons, but that's just hearsay. And the Twins have nothing but outfield prospects. If Cuddyer and Kubel (and Thome) are gone next year, that might mean Aaron Hicks and Ben Revere are up here full time next season. Also, Kyle Gibson will certainly be ready to step into the rotation Not too bad right?

Just as alarming, they might be forced to pay two key, underperforming players -- Young and Liriano -- hefty salaries via salary arbitration one year after both proved untrustworthy.

Let me help you follow Souhan's jump to conclusions: Delmon Young and Francisco Liriano (WHOM HE ALREADY SAID WAS AN ACE F&#$&B PITCHER!!!!!) are off to a slow first month and a half of the season. Despite the fact that they were exceptional last year, as well as in spurts during previous parts of their career, it is a travesty that they will be paid based on their cumulative career rather than this 6 week sample size.
And that is how things work in Souhanville, where everyone is smiling, white, and gritty.

To conclude, In Jim Souhan's world, the problems are with the front office and Delmon Young. I don't know that there has ever been a piece that Souhan has written that didn't disparage Young. Even when he is playing well, Souhan wants the Twins to dump Young. This is what we call a "bias".

I'm terrified to think what will happen when Young starts hitting again, and people start coming back from injury. Souhan's ego might explode.

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Links of the Day 5/28/11

Happy Hump Day, all. Happy humping?

Marv Albert will be coming to an NFL screen near you. Maybe.

Would you like to see some updated Mackey Arena pictures with a nifty camera sound effect?

Here is an NBA Mock after the lottery last night.

Chicago 4, Texas 3 - Dallas McPherson was involved in this game.
Minnesota 2, Seattle 1 - It was a pitcher's duel, and Francisco Liriano actually pitched well!


The Timberwolves are great

The NBA Draft Lottery was on Tuesday evening, which really was a fantastic way to waste a half hour of your life. It's one of those things where you just have a stage full of dudes looking awkward and then some names of teams are read as cards are pulled from envelopes. It's a stupid process that, for some reason, is really clandestine. The Timberwolves had the best chance at finishing with the top pick, but instead they were bumped to #2. That... didn't sit well with Wolves GM David Kahn:
"This league has a habit, and I am just going to say habit, of producing some pretty incredible story lines," Kahn said. "Last year it was Abe Pollin's widow and this year it was a 14-year-old boy and the only thing we have in common is we have both been bar mitzvahed. We were done. I told Kevin: 'We're toast.' This is not happening for us and I was right."
That 14 year old boy was Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's son, who is ravaged by a chronic disease.  Kevin was the GM of the Utah Jazz, who ended up with the third pick. Awesome job, then, by David Kahn, saying that the NBA fixed the draft lottery so they wouldn't win. Equally awesome that he claimed it was fixed and the KID WITH CANCER didn't deserve to win.
Timberwolves basketball..... CATCH THE FEVER!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Links of the Day 5/17/11

Sad day here in Minnesota.

Harmon Killebrew passed away this morning. The Twins legend was 74.

Here's an area where MLB is getting it right.

ESPN seems confused by the NL Central.

Haugesund 1, Rosenborg 0 - So much for RBK turning it around. About a quarter of the way into the season, it might be time to get worried. And really, what can they possibly do in the Champions League now?
Texas 4, Chicago 0 - Typically, I would think that the White Sox season is pretty funny
Seattle 5, Minnesota 2 - Not this year, though!


Monday, May 16, 2011

This is when the team needs a manager

Part of my problem with Ron Gardenhire, the biggest problem, really, is that I think he gets way too much credit for the team's success, when really he has been blessed with some of the best players the team has ever had, and the highest payroll the Twins have ever paid. Why does he get so much credit and the Twins' front office get so little? After all, it was the front office who added Jim Thome as a free agent last year, and traded for Delmon Young, who each stepped up when Justin Morneau went down.
That said, I find it curious that Gardenhire has received none of the blame for the current Dumpster fire that is the Twins team. Now, I think he deserves as much blame for this iteration of the team as he does credit for the playoff run, which is not much. There are certainly a lot of injuries that have completely destroyed the team's offensive hopes. There were certainly some mistakes he made in the offseason that Gardenhire can be blamed for, but the fact that the team is as bad as they are isn't really his fault.
I don't understand the heat that the Twins front office is getting, however. The decision to get faster was not theirs. It was a plan that was handed to them by the now untouchable manager (and this IS the mistake that Gardenhire made, the desire to have a faster infield), and who knows how life would be if Tsuyoshi Nishioka hadn't been injured. One of the biggest complaints is the trade of Wilson Ramos last year for Matt Capps. Capps is the only hard thrower that is remotely effective in the Twins pen, and Ramos is a .260 hitter in the National League. It really, truly wasn't that bad a trade.
Anyways, this is the time that an exceptional manager would really come in handy. How nice would it be to have someone who would trust his starters to go an extra inning or two in games so the bull pen isn't used as frequently? How nice would it be to have a manager that could get the most out of players put in spots that they may not be accustomed to? If you ask me, this proves that Gardenhire is not an exceptional manager beyond any reasonable doubt. Sure, the team is decimated, and even with an exceptional manager, would still be bad, but with some better decision making and leadership, games might be less depressing.

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Links of the Day 5/16/11

Back to the grind. Well, most have been grinding since this morning, so back to the grind after lunch.

A guy runs on the field.... and gets away!

Henrik Sedin proposed something only high school aged twins ever try.

Jay Marriotti is in a lot of trouble.

Toronto 9, Minnesota 3 - 8 in a row...
Chicago 4, Oakland 3- Looks like the White Sox are going to take after the Tigers and figure it out.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Twins insist on making bad decisions

The mere fact that this is something that is even being discussed right now is an indication of how up the creek the Twins are. There is actually talk of moving Brian Duensing to the bullpen, because the bullpen is so bad. Ugh.
Thankfully, Ron Gardenhire, who actively cannot figure out how to use a bullpen, would like to keep Duensing in the rotation, but the fact that he is considering it is just... ugh. A good starter that can go deep into ball games eliminates the need for a good rotation. Fix the problems in the rotation ( and there are plenty) and the bullpen will improve just because of the lack of a workload.
How do you fix it? I don't know, I'm not a GM, but if I had to make a suggestion, I would say move Slowey (if healthy) in, take perhaps Pavano out, just to show that nobody is safe. Other than that, let someone pitch into the 7th and 8th innings of games. Three of the starters are actually doing well. But don't take Duensing out of the rotation. (Picture of Pavano because he is the greatest rotation disappointment.)

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Links of the Day 5/15/11

The sun is out, birds are singing and the awful NBA season is almost at it's end!

This story makes me, as a blackjack player, take heart. Of course, you have to have some serious cash to take down 5.8 million.

Yeah fine, the Twins could become sellers this year.

In all the bad news of the past few days, I still hadn't noted the passing of Robert "Tractor" Traylor. He was 34.

Oakland 6, Chicago 2 - Too bad it was the Raiders, otherwise Steve might have been sort of OK with it.
Toronto 9, Minnesota 3 - This was 9-3... in 11 innings. Bullpen!


Cooking with Ryan: Chicken Lo Mein

I find myself cooking a lot of Chinese food. I love Chinese food, and everything I have made has been delicious (aside from one misstep with "Canton Beef Noodles"), thanks in large part to the intricate sauces that go along with it. The Chinese are masters of the spicy/salty/sweet/garlic/ginger blends, and I am forever thankful for that.
Of course, the problem with infusing these great flavors is that they end to make a terrible mess. Not only that, but they love their fried chicken (apparently) over there in China, which doesn't really work so well in my small kitchen. Have you ever tried to scrub a pot that your deep fried something in? It's not any fun.
Well, I'm happy to say the Chicken Lo Mein had everything I want and none of the things I don't. It was full of complex flavors, including a teriyaki-ginger sauce that the noodles boiled in, but no deep fried chicken! Sure, it was browned with some carrots in sesame oil, but it wasn't nearly as messy. The combination of the intricate, delicious flavors with the minimal clean up time when I was done made this a top notch dish. It looked like crap when photographed, though. (I warmed up some frozen egg rolls to go along with it)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Links of the Day 5/14/11

Just an awful set of days for Minnesota sports fans. Let's get to the links

Former Minnesota Wild and current New York Ranger Derek Boogaard was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment on Wednesday. He was 28.

In much better Wild news, check out prospect Mikael Granlund's amazing goal from the World Hockey Championship.

Gus Johnson will still be calling college basketball. Rejoice, Purdue fans, he is doing the Big Ten!

Toronto 2, Minnesota 0 - Delmon Young is back!
Chicago 4, Oakland 3- I hate to say it, but the White Sox are heating up
Blackburn 1, Manchester United 1 - In the end, each team is pretty much happy with a point. Man U clinched the League Title, and Blackburn gets to play next year


There is now a Victoria Times shop

Well, I'm not great at designing stuff, but I have some options for you. In honor of Denard Span's "This is some bull junk" declaration last week, I designed a logo you can use on any manner of things from Cafe Press. I recommend the dog sweater.
Originally, I wanted the 2 on the back with the shirt a navy blue (to match the Twins) but it didn't quite work out like that. In any case, I added the 2 to the front, as if to say "this is said by #2". Also, there is a simple shirt with the Victoria Times logo on it, tucked away in the top right, sort of like if it was a polo shirt.
Like I said, I'm not great with the designs, but there might eventually be something else on there. In the mean time, go and buy some stuff.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Links of the Day 5/13/11

I hope you are all having a delightful day.

Harmon Killebrew is in his final days. Thoughts and prayers to the Killebrews and Twins community.

I will never weary of the crappy golf swings.

This is the strangest lede I have ever seen in a paper.


It... remains empty.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

The worst road construction idea ever

From the Star Tribune regarding the rebuilding of 494 and 169 last Thursday:

Hwy. 169 will be reconstructed this year, together with a new bridge for local traffic. Some of the six roundabouts planned will be in use this year.

Are you freaking kidding me? If there is any way to make an intersection more confusing for American drivers, it's by introducing a roundabout. If there is a way to cause complete and utter destruction at a major metropolitan interchange, then put SIX at the interchange between an interstate and a US highway? Awesome. Rush hour in the southwest metro is going to be fantastic.

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Links of the Day 5/12/11

Well, the summer like weather is gone. Fun while it lasted.

FIFA might be a little corrupt.


Maybe the Twins can't find a decent shortstop because they are looking for the wrong things?

Chicago 6, LAA 4 - I don't know what to say about baseball any more. It's all becoming hopeless. Hopeless!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ron Coomer and the magical mystery of hail

You'll have to forgive Ron Coomer. He is from Chicago, and they simply NEVER have hail or anything wild like that. During last night's game, when golf ball (and greater) sized hail fell during the rain delay, covering the field and causing the delay to last longer, every body in the booth thought it was pretty wild, but Coomer? Coom was completely blown away.
He spent the entire rain/hail delay talking about how it was the strangest thing he had ever seen, how the last time they were in Minnesota, they saw snow, and that he had no idea how they were going to get that hail off the field.
Of course, anyone who has ever experienced hail before realizes one fundamental fact about it. It is ice. And as he was saying "it's about 90 degrees with 90% humidity!" (actually: about 81 degrees, humidity at 69% at the time of the delay) so the solution seemed pretty simple right? That stuff was going to melt. And it did. A combo of melting and raking pretty much took care of it.
It was probably one of the funniest things of the season, listening to Coomer's astonishment at the weather phenomenon, but that might just be because I'm a meteorologist. Oh and someone needed to tell Anthony Lapanta to stop saying "weather system"


Links of the DAy 5/11/11

I got out on the golf course for the first time this year today. IT's nice to finally say that.

I will never tire of seeing Tom Brady looking dapper and foofy.

Jeremy Roenick makes his playoff predictions

As expected... Pitching to contact is total junk.

Detroit 10, 9, Minnesota 2, 7 - OK, now that the Twins have scored more than 5 and lost, we can start to worry about the pitching

Los Angeles Angels 6, Chicago 2 - The Twins just need to go back to playing the White Sox


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who was the better Carl P?

Carl Pavano is the Minnesota Twins team ace right now, and a notable player that helped their run to the AL Central last year. Is he the best Carl P the Twins have had in the organization?

Pros: Late 2009, 2010 seasons. Mustache

Cons: This season. Any time when celan shaven.

Carl Pohlad was the long time owner of the Twins, buying the team from Clark Griffith in the 80s. Is HE the best Carl P the Twins have had in the organization?

Pros: 2 World Series championships in his ownership, Target Field began construction, Tom Kelly

Cons: The 90s, tried to contract the team, Ron Gardenhire

What do you think? Which Carl P do you prefer?

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Links of the Day 5/10/11

Good afternoon... Seems a shame to be inside reading a blog on a beautiful day like this, doesn't it?

Hey, the Vikings have someone else that wants to build them a stadium! Way to cave, Ramsey County.

The Twins so far, using Venn diagrams.

Gus Johnson is leaving CBS. Could he be going from college hoops to college football?

Boston 2, Twins 1 - This went extra frames. The Twins were being shut out until Gardenhire got ejected.
Chicago 6, Anaheim 0 - Chicago might be figuring it out. Awesome.


Monday, May 09, 2011

Challenge: Pick out all the cameos in the Beastie Boys new video

Real games are depressing right now. Baseball teams are losing, we are out of any hockey contention, football may not be back... Yeah. So here is another game... pick out all the cameos in the Beastie Boys new video for "Make some Noise". For more fun, there is a half hour version of the video floating around on Hulu. The short version, in my opinion, is a bit better.
Maybe sports again tomorrow.

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Links of the Day 5/9/11

I'm sorry, there was this loud rumbling noise outside this morning. I was hiding under my bed until just a few moments ago.

Rick Reilly hates people like me for writing for free. Remember kids, hobbies are bad.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is sort of like the Marian Hossa of international soccer, but much, much more successful.

Brad Penny is a jerk.

Boston 9 Minnesota 5 - But there were no rain delays!
Chicago 5, Seattle 2 - It really is going to be a dogfight for the bottom of the AL Central
Rosenborg 2, Molde 0 - RBK is turning it around a bit, winning their last 2


Sunday, May 08, 2011

The NBA Playoffs Are Going On

Yes, believe it or not, Steve is actually posting again. I haven't written anything for the Times in over a month, but I'm hoping to change that in the near future. I didn't even make baseball picks this year, and it's probably too late now (Here's a hint: they would have been way off, I was higher on the White Sox coming into this season that I may ever have been, and look how horrible they are so far). Because of the White Sox underachieving, and the fact that I haven't had the chance to catch too many of their games this year because of the early starts for my time and being crazy busy at work, I've been focusing on the NBA and NHL playoffs. Well, at least I was focusing on the NHL playoffs until both my Blackhawks and Coyotes got beat in the first round. At least the Blackhawks put up a fight. Now all I want is for Detroit to lose.

Anyways, the NBA playoffs have definitely got my interest this year, because for the first time since I've needed to shave more than once a week the Chicago Bulls are actually a legit NBA title contender. Growing up, I was a little spoiled by the Bulls success (they won their first NBA title when I was 8 and last when I was 15) so I never got overly excited by their absolute dominance. I knew that as long as they had Michael Jordan they were going to be awesome, and I feel so lucky that I am able to tell my grandkids one day that I saw the greatest player of all time play in person. So finally, after 13 long years, the Bulls are back and have a shot at bringing Chicago it's 7th NBA title.

I'll admit I'm not a huge NBA fan but I think it's fun to watch now for kind of a nostalgia factor. I feel like the NBA was awesome at marketing to kids in the early 90's by making the star players of each team seem larger than life, just look at the success of NBA Jam with it's 2 on 2 style play. I think the formula is still being used and is being used well with a lot of good character players after a few years of not so media friendly players leading their teams. But to me, the best nostalgia factor is the Bulls being a good team lead by a star player. It reminds me of the good old days where Michael was the king of Chicago. Who doesn't remember this classic commercial?

And now, the Bulls finally have their star again. Derek Rose lead the Bulls to their first division title and #1 seed in the East since 1998 and just this week, became their first player since Air Jordan to win the MVP award. He seems to have the same will to win and determination that Jordan had, and he just seems to make everyone around him that much better. Doing a Youtube search for Rose commercials is not nearly as easy as Jordan, but hey, you have to start somewhere. There will be plenty more where this one came from, and maybe my kids will fondly look back at his commercials 30 years from now, too.

Go Bulls.

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Links of the Day 5/8/11

Happy Mother's Day everyone! No rehashes of posts from 6 years ago!

Animal Kingdom won the Derby yesterday. No, that's the name of the horse. Just one horse, not a bunch of animals.

I am linking to a version of this story without a video for a very good reason. Holy crap, Rajon Rondo.

Liriano's no hitter is already passe.

Boston 4, Minnesota 0 - The good news is, Kevin Slowey pitched 4 good innings after the rain delay
Chicago 6, Seattle 0 - The White Sox had 17 hits in this one. 17! And they still only scored the 6 runs! Amazing.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

My trip to Churchill Downs

Back during my nascent wanderlust in college, I convinced a couple of friends to head down to Louisville with me, just because it was close and I was a senior who had yet to cross the Ohio into the adjacent state to our south.
So we went, me and my roommate Shawn and our friend Joel. It was only about a 2 hour drive, I think, from West Lafayette to Louisville, so we were able to spend the better part of a day in Kentucky's largest city. The city of Louisville, but the way, is rather majestic coming in from the north. During the day, we saw everything that one would expect in Louisville. We saw the Louisville slugger museum, downtown and the University of Louisville, all leaving us with a pretty good impression of the city. The last stop was Churchill Downs (mostly because I thought it was in Lexington, and didn't try to find it until the last minute), but we got there around 530, after the track had closed for the day. We were going to be content taking out picture out front and head back to school.
As we were resigning ourselves to the fact that our time in Louisville was nearly at an end, we sought one a security guard to take a group picture for us. She did more than that. "Hey, do you guys want to see the track?" she asked. We sure did! She led us through the facility and eventually down into the bleachers and right next to the dirt that is being raced upon today.
The impression I got was that everyone there loves the Derby, loves the track and mostly loves the tradition. Going into the race, most Kentuckians don't really care who wins the race, but are just proud to host it. Afterwards, at the track anyways, the hosts will cheer for whichever steed won the race. My brief time there, and the courteousness of the guard as well as the evident pride have left me with a soft spot for the race from that point forward. I probably won't get a chance to catch it, but I hope everyone has fun.

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Links of the Day 5/7/11

It's Derby Day everyone! Two minutes dedicated exclusively to a few horses running really fast. Yay horseys!

 Ron Artest has a hell of a vehicle. Before it had it's work done, it probably cost as much as mine.

Google is going to get in trouble with the NCAA rules committee.

An invigorating beginning to a playoff hockey game and LOOKOUT!!!!

Minnesota 9, Boston 2 - The Twins remain undefeated in games they score more than 5 runs! (2-0)
Seattle 3, Chicago 2 - The Sox are now 2.5 games back of the Twins... 11 back of the Indians.
Blackburn 1, West Ham 1 - Getting a point. They probably should have got 2 more.


Cooking with Ryan: Ginger Pork Chops

Two words: Restaurant quality. Seriously, these chops were good eatin'. I don't want you to think that this is because I am a good cook or anything, as this was all in the recipe. It took a shot in the oven then the glaze did the rest. It was a ginger glaze, but the bulk of it was honey and soy sauce, providing the perfect salty and sweet combo. Great stuff. I whipped some potatoes and cooked some peas with boiled onions as side dishes. It was a lot of food, to be sure, but worth every bite.
Now, this is a boring story about a good meal I had one time without a foible along the way. I made two chops, as it turned out, with the plan to save one for lunch the next day. I took the dish out of the oven and put it on my stove top to cool off before throwing it in the refrigerator. After eating, I came back to the kitchen to clean up, to find the glaze bubbling and pretty much charred to bits. I forgot to turn off one of the burners.... and it happened to be the one I put the oven dish on. I kept cooking everything while I ate. I think I am 0/all time when cooking without mistakes. Oh well, good stuff. Ginger pork chops.


Friday, May 06, 2011

Links of the Day 5/6/11

Happy Friday! Of course, I keep thinking it's Saturday.

If you haven't gone golfing yet this year... this isn't how to do it.

Looks like Francisco Liriano will be making his next start. No s^@^

Way to go, Chris Johnson, by not breaking the law.


Off days all around!


Thursday, May 05, 2011

In future Twins news

After two more injuries to the Twins, Minnesota calls up a couple more prospects:

Get it?


Links of the Day 5/5/11

Cinco De Mayo! The Mexican holiday that Mexico doesn't know about!

Remember how Rashard Mendenhall was trying to explain his comments on Osama bin Laden? Fox Sports went a different direction.

This is from a couple of days ago, but here is a whimsical look at standings in the AL Central using only the teams that people thought would matter. It's a little out of date.. the Twins are only a game and a half back now!

This is an excellent prank. Way to go, Boston.



Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Francisco Liriano is not impressed

If that isn't a look of elation, I don't know what is. Seriously, is there any other interpretation of that look other than "what the hell was that?" I don't think so. If I were to look deep down into Liriano's soul right ow, I think I would find it saying "pitching to contact is still stupid".
But really, how pissed is Liriano right now, after pitching the least Liriano like performance ever in his career, only to have it turn into a no-no?
Anyways, good for him. Maybe next game he will actually pitch well.

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Links of the Day 5/4/11

It turns out that today is Star Wars day or something. May the fourth. Get it? No? Congratulations on being sane. (Also, I am not linking to the anything on Man U vs Schalke, because it's not so much news as an inevitable eventuality)

Rashard Mendenhall is trying to dig himself out of a hole. Not a big deal, in my book.

Speaking of controversy, the always forward thinking Hoosier State is having Trump related misgivings regarding the Indy 500.

Here is a post on the Kentucky Derby. It's coming, and you can't stop it, people!

Minnesota vs Chicago 1-0 and 3-2 - I can think of nothing interesting that happened in these two games.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How I won 100 bucks from the Colts

As I am sure you all know at this point, we have a Twitter account, @victoriawxtimes, and I follow a great many people, though at this point I don't have anyone in particular to direct you to (OK, Kevin Schultz, Loser Domi, the 7th inning Stache, Boiled Sports, Beth, and, just for the hell of it, son of Ozzie Guiellen, Oney Guillen). One of those people I follow is Colts owner Jim Irsay, who I am slowly coming to find might be a little insane.
When Irsay isn't quoting The Who or pimping his team, he likes to have little contests with his followers. In the middle of the draft, he offered the following challenge (in so many words): 100 dollars and a case of steaks for the person who correctly identified the next quarterback off the board. Guess what? It was ME.
So I have been in contact with the Abby in question (she works in the marketing department for the Colts, as it seems) and after some confusion about my address I will be getting a check (I think?) sent from Indianapolis and a case of steak from who knows where couriered to me. That's right, courier.
Also, according to Abby, the steak is going to be packed in dry ice and left at my front door. I was originally worried that I wouldn't be home to receive the Colts' meat (....) but now I am worried about the potential for a steaming, unidentified case waiting at my doorstep. Hopefully, the Eagan bomb squad doesn't come out. Does Eagan have a bomb squad?
Anyways, that's how I ended up with 100 bucks and some steak from the Indianapolis Colts. Too bad I didn't have that steak just a little bit sooner....

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Links of the Day 5/3/11

Hey, there's the sun! It's May for real now!

Barcelona is the first team to the Champions League finals. They will face Manchester United. I mean, they face the winner of Manchester United-Schalke. No.... wait, I had it the first time.

The Steelers Rashard Mendenhall has caused himself a bit of a stir.

How would insurance feel about alligator bite marks on the car?

Chicago 6, Baltimore 2 - Now that hte White Sox are feeling mighty proud of themselves, it appears time for the Twins to go on a run.


Monday, May 02, 2011

So we're already ready to blow things up?

There is consternation in Twins land, no doubt. It's been an abysmal start to the season, and it's tough in a franchise who has seen recent success, and perhaps even tougher on a franchise that has seen really terrible baseball in the not too distant past.
The result, of course, is A) a bad month leads to drastic overreactions, and B) that same bad month leads to some crazy overreactions on how to fix it. Let's make one thing clear. The difference between the bad Twins and, say, the Astros, is that this season's Twins are hampered by injury, not by a distinct lack of talent. Just be patient man. This is the same roster, basically, that had the top record in the central last year. Where the roster has changed, of course, it's been for the worse, but it's still no reason to panic. Crazy, pessimistic people around me have said things like "trade... Casilla, Morneax, and one of our starters for a reliable shortstop" or " a catcher will also have to be picked up in a trade, possibly involving Delmon Young and another starter." Easy buddy, hop off the ledge.
Let's get this out of the way, the injury bug has rendered this team to complete haplessness. The rotation has been off all season, no doubt about it, and Alexi Casilla has been really bad, so the team wouldn't be great, but the opinion on the team would be a lot higher if the team was closer to .500. Think about it. How would the offense be if Mauer, Morneau, Young, and Nishioka were able to get regular playing time. That's 44% of the every day lineup. If, let's say, they were able to get 44% more production, their runs would go from 85 to 122 (about). Using the Pythagorean win/loss method, basically an expected win or loss based on runs for and against, that would mean a record of 11-16. Not great, sure, but better than it has been. The pitching still sucks, but we'll get to that.
The nice thing about the roster is that almost everybody is locked up. The list of free agents at the end of the season is this: Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel, Jim Thome, Joe Nathan, Matt Capps. That's it. The core of the team will be here next year. Given that, what incentive does the team have to make a drastic change, especially since so much talent will be back, presumably healthy, next year? Players that the team doesn't foresee in their future, likely Cuddyer, Thome and one of Nathan or Capps may be traded near the deadline. But that is still THREE MONTHS AWAY, and the team can definitely play 9 games above .500 for three months. If they do, then perhaps it will be for some relief help going forward, or at the very least for salary relief.
As for the pitching staff, what more did you expect? The outfield defense didn't get any better and the infield defense got worse. Pavano's numbers are down thanks in part to the factor, and Liriano is struggling both because he isn't striking anyone out as well as the infield defense. Having Nishioka back will help that, with other returnees to the lineup will help with the offense.
If you want to make some short term changes, how about these that Set Stohs sets forth? Just stop panicking.

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Links of the Day 5/2/11

Well if today isn't a wonderful day! Osama bin Laden is no more, but let's be sure to spend today honoring those we lost 10 years ago, and the first responders and military that keep us safe every day rather than spend a lot of time delighting in the demise in an evil man. God bless the USA.

That out of the way, here is Carl Pavano going all Special Forces on the the trash can  that is his bin Laden. Good hustle there by Scott Baker getting out of the way.

An excellent bit of writing from Steve Berthiaume who reflects on the Mets-Phillies game in which bin Ladens death was announced. (Should be noted, that the game was 1-1 in the 9th... 9-1-1 in a game between teams from New York and Pennsylvania. Poetic.)

Allow me to appropriately direct your blame for this season.

Baltimore 6, Chicago 4 - The White Sox, keep in mind, are also losing pretty much every game.
Kansas City 10, Minnesota 3 - Not nearly as bad as Minnesota, of course, but they also aren't doing so good. The Twins were swept by the Royals for the first time since 1999.


Sunday, May 01, 2011


According to the Twitter feed of Kelsie Smith of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, after the Twins suffered yet another disappointing loss, the team had a meeting. After Ron Gardenhire gave yet another dispassionate post-game speech, he opened the floor for his players. One stepped up. It was Denard Span.
After what was an impassioned speech that gave Nick Blaackburn chills.
At the end of this speech, Span said "This is some bull... junk" Awesome. I hope it's the catalyst.

I just want you all to know that I am going to put that phrase to work and will soon have "This is some bull junk" shirts for sale. My first retail expedition. Stay tuned.


Links of the Dat 5/1/11

I went outside with the dog this morning, and there was a snowflake in the air with a chilly northwesterly breeze. But at least everything is turning green! Happy March!

How bad was the Twins' April? The Star Tribune calls it "Historically bad". 

The draft had some winners and losers, just like every year.

Funny thing is, he is now more relevant than he ever was playing at Rice.

Blackburn 1, Bolton 0 - And the Rovers stave off relegation! Or, they should anyways.
Baltimore 6, Chicago 2 - My preseason prognostications, at this point, seem a little off.
Kansas City 11, Minnesota 2 - Seriously, we can give up 11 runs but don't complain about the pitching until the team scores more than 2 runs off of Sean O'Donnell