Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Baked Apples with creamy custard

This is my second dessert, and the Food Network recipe I had described it as "health food". I am no diatician, but when a recipe calls for butter, ice cream, egg yokes, brown sugar and cinnamon, I am reluctant to call it healthy.
Anyways, the creamy custard was the ice cream and egg yokes, whisked together over heat. I managed to burn it. Yes, I burned ice cream. But there was enough that I was able to use it. It ended up a little yolky, but there was enough vanilla that it was still sweet. The flavor that stood out was when the butter mixed with the custard and the soft apple, of course. It was definitely dessert, and definitely unlike anything else I have had before. As usual,it didn't photograph well.



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