Monday, May 30, 2011

Somehow, this is Delmon Young's fault

I am not a fan of blaming the umpires, and as much as I would like to blame them for the loss today, I still won't because the team managed to give up 5 runs otherwise. All that said, holy hell, this was a bad call. The gentleman in the stands didn't just hit it with his hands, he took it off the chest. If that isn't a ground rule double, I don't know what is.
I also wanted to point out the torrid pace Ron Gardenhire is on with his ejections this season. Is this what makes him a good manager? It seems peculiar to me that his rate of getting tossed is so high (4 times already... Tom Kelly was tossed 5 times in his career) just as the team is falling apart. It's almost as if he is looking for scapegoats.

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