Friday, May 20, 2011

The Delmon Young play

I think we all know the play I am talking about. Yunel Escobar lined it over Young's head and it bounced past him. He then stopped and Denard Span had to run from center field to grab it. He was rightfully panned by commentators and fans alike.
The problem I have with the play (well, outside of the play itself) is that it was never addressed. Gardenhire was interviewed and said that it was addressed, and that was the end of it. Nobody pressed Gardenhire, nobody bothered to interview Young (or Span) on the topic. I mean, really, come on sports media. Let's probe at least a little bit before we continue to tear the young man down.
Gardenhire had him in the lineup the next day. Gardenhire is a stickler for effort, and has criticized Young for as much  during his first few years. The fact that he was in the lineup the next day told me that it was a non-issue in the Clubhouse. Instead when he was benched for two games, the calls for his head started again. Of course, today, Gardenhire said that he was benched because he kept striking out, not because of the play or effort.
So, yes, it was a bad play, an ugly display of baseball, but why don't journalists do a little journalism before letting a fan base jump down someone's throat?
Except Souhan. He'll always be a racist dick.

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