Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Chicken Lo Mein

I find myself cooking a lot of Chinese food. I love Chinese food, and everything I have made has been delicious (aside from one misstep with "Canton Beef Noodles"), thanks in large part to the intricate sauces that go along with it. The Chinese are masters of the spicy/salty/sweet/garlic/ginger blends, and I am forever thankful for that.
Of course, the problem with infusing these great flavors is that they end to make a terrible mess. Not only that, but they love their fried chicken (apparently) over there in China, which doesn't really work so well in my small kitchen. Have you ever tried to scrub a pot that your deep fried something in? It's not any fun.
Well, I'm happy to say the Chicken Lo Mein had everything I want and none of the things I don't. It was full of complex flavors, including a teriyaki-ginger sauce that the noodles boiled in, but no deep fried chicken! Sure, it was browned with some carrots in sesame oil, but it wasn't nearly as messy. The combination of the intricate, delicious flavors with the minimal clean up time when I was done made this a top notch dish. It looked like crap when photographed, though. (I warmed up some frozen egg rolls to go along with it)



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