Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ron Coomer and the magical mystery of hail

You'll have to forgive Ron Coomer. He is from Chicago, and they simply NEVER have hail or anything wild like that. During last night's game, when golf ball (and greater) sized hail fell during the rain delay, covering the field and causing the delay to last longer, every body in the booth thought it was pretty wild, but Coomer? Coom was completely blown away.
He spent the entire rain/hail delay talking about how it was the strangest thing he had ever seen, how the last time they were in Minnesota, they saw snow, and that he had no idea how they were going to get that hail off the field.
Of course, anyone who has ever experienced hail before realizes one fundamental fact about it. It is ice. And as he was saying "it's about 90 degrees with 90% humidity!" (actually: about 81 degrees, humidity at 69% at the time of the delay) so the solution seemed pretty simple right? That stuff was going to melt. And it did. A combo of melting and raking pretty much took care of it.
It was probably one of the funniest things of the season, listening to Coomer's astonishment at the weather phenomenon, but that might just be because I'm a meteorologist. Oh and someone needed to tell Anthony Lapanta to stop saying "weather system"



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