Sunday, May 01, 2011

Links of the Dat 5/1/11

I went outside with the dog this morning, and there was a snowflake in the air with a chilly northwesterly breeze. But at least everything is turning green! Happy March!

How bad was the Twins' April? The Star Tribune calls it "Historically bad". 

The draft had some winners and losers, just like every year.

Funny thing is, he is now more relevant than he ever was playing at Rice.

Blackburn 1, Bolton 0 - And the Rovers stave off relegation! Or, they should anyways.
Baltimore 6, Chicago 2 - My preseason prognostications, at this point, seem a little off.
Kansas City 11, Minnesota 2 - Seriously, we can give up 11 runs but don't complain about the pitching until the team scores more than 2 runs off of Sean O'Donnell



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