Thursday, May 26, 2011

So what IS the problem?

I have said all along the problem with the team was the hitting. Now, the team is getting healthy, and they still aren't winning. Maybe the problem is the pitching. Well, I aim to find out through a quick, completely arbitrary study.
To wit: the quality start is defined as when a pitcher allows 3 or fewer runs in 6 or more innings. Since that is definied as quality pitching, I will say a quality pitching involves a relief outing held to that same standard. In layman's terms, I will say it is bad pitching if the team allows 5 or more runs in a game. On that same token, I call it bad hitting if they score 4 or fewer. So, to this point, which has been a bigger problem?
Well, by that (again, completely arbitrary) threshold, the team has had a whopping 19 bad pitching games. That's not so good. Of course, that pales in comparison to the THIRTY SEVEN bad hitting games. The Twins have failed to reach 5 runs 37 times this season. That is really bad.

In summary, the problem is still definitely the hitting.

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