Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How I won 100 bucks from the Colts

As I am sure you all know at this point, we have a Twitter account, @victoriawxtimes, and I follow a great many people, though at this point I don't have anyone in particular to direct you to (OK, Kevin Schultz, Loser Domi, the 7th inning Stache, Boiled Sports, Beth, and, just for the hell of it, son of Ozzie Guiellen, Oney Guillen). One of those people I follow is Colts owner Jim Irsay, who I am slowly coming to find might be a little insane.
When Irsay isn't quoting The Who or pimping his team, he likes to have little contests with his followers. In the middle of the draft, he offered the following challenge (in so many words): 100 dollars and a case of steaks for the person who correctly identified the next quarterback off the board. Guess what? It was ME.
So I have been in contact with the Abby in question (she works in the marketing department for the Colts, as it seems) and after some confusion about my address I will be getting a check (I think?) sent from Indianapolis and a case of steak from who knows where couriered to me. That's right, courier.
Also, according to Abby, the steak is going to be packed in dry ice and left at my front door. I was originally worried that I wouldn't be home to receive the Colts' meat (....) but now I am worried about the potential for a steaming, unidentified case waiting at my doorstep. Hopefully, the Eagan bomb squad doesn't come out. Does Eagan have a bomb squad?
Anyways, that's how I ended up with 100 bucks and some steak from the Indianapolis Colts. Too bad I didn't have that steak just a little bit sooner....

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