Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Tex-Mex steak

Mmm, steak. I broke out the grill yesterday in honor of the first warm set of days in a while, and the fact that I had a real live day off. . My grill is charcoal, so part of the adventure is always getting it lit. I think I went through a half a pack of matches. I forgot how long the grill took to heat up, so I was outside with it forever, but when I got the steak on there, that was exciting/ OT was only about 55 degrees with the sun already gone, but it was exciting.The steak was given a Mesquite rub before it was thrown on the grill, but I didn't notice too much flavor given to the meat, but the smell mixed with the charcoal was pretty good.
The steak ended up a little on the rare side, again mostly owing to the condition of the grill and my impatience, but it wasn't bloody when I sliced it, so I had no issue with the condition of the meat. It went really well with steak sauce, though I wish it hadn't needed it.
There was also a simple corn and bean side thrown on there that featured Tabasco and lime juice.It was sort of a strange dish. It came on with the lime, but there was a strong aftertaste of the Tabasco, not at all what I was expecting.
While I was out there, a couple of neighbors came by to visit and say hi, and a rabbit and a baby hopped out to see what was going on. I should go outside more. Anyways, here is what dinner looked like last night



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