Sunday, May 22, 2011

Links of the Day 5/22/11

I hope everyone is OK after the tornado that swept through north Minneapolis today. Scary stuff. Passed very close to where my mom was visiting my grandmother. (Best wishes to those in LaCrosse and Joplin, Missouri as well)

If you would like to see a slide show or stay up to date with the latest on the twister, here is a link to the story on KARE 11.

Small world... Cubs president grabs a homerun at Fenway.

There was a horsey race yesterday.

Chicago 9, Los Angeles 2 and Chicago 8, Los Angeles 3 - Haha! The NL West must suck!
Arizona 9, Minnesota 6 and Arizona 3, Minnesota 2 -Daww barnacles
Blackburn 3, Wolverhampton 2 - The Rovers are staying up! Yes!



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