Thursday, December 01, 2011

My enemy list grows by one

My enemy list has been expanded. It started with Oregon. Then it was fans of Eric Devendorf. Then, there was the whole Ben Repinski affair. Ooh, and then the hate Tweets. Well, I did it again. I have irked someone. And I once again did it with the Twitter.
Let's go back to the MLB trade deadline. The most disquieting rumor was one that the Twins might be interested in moving Denard Span to Washington for Drew Storen and a week of free laundry. Everyone believed this rumor because of a lack of faith in the Twins front office, but nobody actually traced it's origins to the source. That source was Jim Bowden. I may have had some unkind words.
I may have mentioned a time or two since then, on the ol' Twitter that Jim Bowden has completely lost me as a reliable source. He was a bad GM and a worse analyst. He is Steve Phillips without the homely production assistant. But I didn't really harp on the subject.
Anyways, A while back I decided to follow Bowden on Twitter, because even the crappiest writers and analysts have a delightful turd every now and then (see: Jim Souhan). Yesterday, I saw someone mention that Bowden had mentioned something about something, and I realized it didn't show up in my feed. Odd. It turns out, Bowden is blocking me. This is funny.
I mean, I'm not a notoriously aggressive or hateful person on Twitter (I hope. I just make jokes, and it's about sports, usually), and I don't really go out of my way to personally attack anyone here, I don't think. Well, nobody that doesn't deserve it. But I'm not trying to sound broken hearted about Jim Bowden blocking me, because I'm not. No, the funny part is how hard he would have had to work to find out I am worthy of blocking.
Consider: I never tweeted directly at Bowden. I have never had communication specifically with Bowden. In order for him to be able to block me, he would have had to A) parsed my profile when I first followed him for all Jim Bowden references, or B) and much more likely (because he has 16000 followers, and I can't believe he does thorough background checks on all of them), he searched his own name on Twitter, and blocked anyone who spoke ill of him.
Jim Bowden searches his own name on Twitter. That is your nightly dose of knowledge.

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