Monday, November 28, 2011

The tragedy of a wasted name

This is Vanderlei Luxemburgo da Silva. That's the name of a nobleman or adventurer. Instead, I came across his name in a story about Ronaldinho masturbating in a shower. Somewhat less noble. Vanderlei Luxemburgo da Silva is the coach for Ronaldinho's Brazilian club team Flamengo, so his name got dragged into the whole icky affair.
We need to find the appropriate venue for this appellation. Below are a few ideas.
- Archduke
- Viceroy
- Diamond trader
- Diamond smuggler
- Discoverer of a new world.
- Conqueror of a new world.
- Bond villain
- Private zoo owner
- Exotic art collector.
- Country club member

Definitely not someone who should be tied to a masturbating she-male.



Blogger Rachel said...

My vote is for international art thief.

5:39 PM  

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