Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big Ten > ACC

For the second year in a row, the Big Ten topped the ACC in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. It's got to be so bad that the ACC has grabbed ringers in Pitt and Syracuse for years going forward. Sure, we added Nebraska, but honestly, like that makes a difference.
The only teams that lost were the tremendously awful Big Ten teams, like Iowa and Nebraska, or teams that had tough road matchups, like Wisconsin and Michigan. Everyone else won. 8-4 over the vaunted ACC. Does this mean the Big Ten is strong this year? I would say yes, but I bet most college basketball announcers and analysts will insist the ACC is having a down year.
A couple teams particularly impressed me. The first was Penn State, who is traditionally not... good. They took their show on the road and won at Boston College. The next was Minnesota, who took out a tough Virginia Tech squad in a defensive struggle, even without Trevor Mbakwe. Last was Ohio State, who laid waste to Duke.
Oh, and as always, I'm impressed by everything Purdue does, just like a proud father.

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