Sunday, November 27, 2011

Links of the Day 11/27/11

Happy football Sunday, everyone. Well, that is, unless you are a fan of the Vikings or Colts.

The Lockout is over. This is what we will miss.

Perhaps they were aiming to show Wisconsin in profile?

Tarvaris Jackson cooked for Thanksgiving. Just informing you.

Minnesota 27, Illinois 7 - The Gophers season ends with a win over the complete disaster that was Illinois.
Purdue 33, Indiana 25 - BOWL ELIGIBLE
North Dakota State 78, Fresno State 65 - Wow, NDSU can even beat teams from the WAC now.
Rosenborg 3, Viking 2 - With this win and a Brann loss, RBK ends up in third for the season in the Tippeligaen. Not bad considering the start, and entry in the Europa League is assured.
Carolina 27, Indianapolis 19 - I don't think the Colts are going to make the playoffs.
Atlanta 24, Minnesota 14 - This game was much closer than it should have been, without a doubt.



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