Monday, August 01, 2011

Jim Bowden in unconscionably stupid

Jim Bowden was once a MLB GM. He took over Steve Phillips' job as dumbass former GM providing insight at ESPN. In his career as GM, he worked for the Reds and Nationals, acquiring players like Ken Griffey Jr. and Alfonso Soriano. The teams he helmed were generally not so good. He has taken teams to the post season only twice despite having GM'd a team for well over a decade, It should be noted that the Reds swept the World Series before he got there.
One of his issues was always that he was brash and a little cocky. He made a lot of moves and believed he was right no matter what evidence there was proving him wrong. No greater measure of his hubris came than this weekend, when he was the sole media figure who kept filling up the rumor mill with Span-Storen rumors. Please, review his tweets
As I said earlier this week Denard Span -Drew Storen deal will go down it's a matter of time:secondary players have to be agreed to
Nats saved 1.1 to 1.3 m on Hairston deal, 2.47m on Marquis deals and got two decent prospects in both deals...Span next
Twins insisting on STOREN without substitution.. along with Bernadina and Lombardozzi in package for SPAN...both sides grinding
Breaking down the Nationals two deals and the one they're about to make
And then finally, today...
Nats-Twins Span-Storen deal failed not because of the Nationals refusal to include Storen... but instead the 2nd player Lombardozzi

He has an Insider blog, and he had TWO posts breaking down the Span-Storen trade, as thought it were inevitable. Instead of saying that it didn't look like it was going to happen, he chose to become silent on the matter almost all day yesterday. Actually, on his restricted insider blog, he did say this
The Minnesota Twins are expected to acquire Drew Storen, the young closer from the Washington Nationals, in a multiplayer deal in which the Nationals will acquire center fielder Denard Span. The deal might be expanded so that Stephen Lombardozzi and Roger Bernadina go to the Twins, while Tom Stuifbergen goes back to the Nationals. The Twins can then make Ben Revere their everyday center fielder and Storen can be their inexpensive closer for 2012 and beyond. The Nationals would finally have an answer to their long-term need in center field by acquiring Span."
Awesome work.
Of course, as someone said, if the Twins and nationals were haggling over Stephen Lombardozzi, it's a discredit to both teams. The fact that Jim Bowden believes that the teams really were bickering over a future utility man discredits him.

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