Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hate tweets!

I have always felt that the goal of a team in any game is to win so handily as to take the officials out of the game. If you play to the point, again in any sport, where an official's call can alter the outcome, you either haven't played well enough on offense or defense or both.
Enter last night's Pirates-Braves game. It was a 19 inning affair that ended with a questionable call, especially if you are a Pirates fan (though I should say I said "questionable" with a good reason. It wasn't as clearly a blown call as they assert) Anyways, a long story short, I made my statement that a team that can't win in 18 on their own shouldn't complain about one bad call in the 19th. Take the umpires out of the game. Of course, this was incredibly offensive to the one Pirates fan who followed me, so it was sent out to the rest of his Pittsburgh friends, and boom, this is what transpired.
As the kids say... "lol". I mean, I understand why they might be a little too stressed out about this game, and this one call in Pittsburgh, since most people have only been baseball fans for 2 months. I would have said the same thing if it happened to Atlanta. I would have said the same thing if it happened to the Twins. Anyways, the Pittsburgh fan even unfollowed me (tear!) because apparently, if you so much as say that Pittsburgh shouldn't always get their way no matter what, you are some sort of pariah. 



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