Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Links of the Day 11/30/11

How's it going? I have a day with absolutely no reason to leave the house. You have no idea how awesome that is.

TJ Yates is going to lead a Super Bowl contender in the playoffs. The most important thing to note is that Yates is better than any QB on the Colts' active roster right now.

Jerome Simpson's flop may actually have been Emmy worthy.

When this guy gets to the major leagues, watch out, baseball.

Carling Cup
Cardiff City 2, Blackburn 0 - The Rovers are eliminated from the Carling Cup, an English competition by a team neither in the Premier League nor in England.
Purdue 76, Miami 65 - Purdue was part of a good day for the Big Ten against the ACC. Could they win another round of the Challenge?



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