Monday, December 05, 2011

Links of the Day 12/5/11

Hi. Are you ready for some late posts? Good.

Matt Capps, Twins closer. He'll be better. Has to be.

Matthew Barnaby tried to drive a car with three wheels.

Sounds like NHL realignment is finally happening. A decision is expected tonight.

Carolina 38, Tampa Bay 19 - Oh wow, the Buccaneers have completely become unhinged.
New England 31, Indianapolis 24 - Dan Orlovsky made the Colts respectable. DAN ORLOVSKY.
Denver 35, Minnesota 32 - This is funny, because Christian Ponder was brutal, but Tim Tebow will still get credit.
San Francisco 26, St. Louis 0 - I really have no idea how good the 49ers are. They keep winning, but the team plays in such an awful division. Who knows.
Minnesota 5, Anaheim 3 - Hey, the Wild are even scoring goals now. I am really glad that I have a winner to cheer for.



Blogger Steve said...

Keep in mind. The 49ers do indeed play in an awful division, but they still have only played 3 division games this season. They are 7-2 against non-division teams. Their game against Pittsburgh in 2 weeks will be another good measuring stick for them

11:38 PM  

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