Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Big Ten joins the modern era

Today is the Big Ten football championship. It took the conference a while to come up with a basketball tournament, and the benefit of that has been, well, increased revenue and excitement. It doesn't really tell you who the best team is or anything like that. Tournaments are just exciting. Simple as that.
But now with the football Championship Game, not only is there a shot at more money from TV rights and ticket sales, but tonight's game between Michigan State and Wisconsin will keep the conference in the public consciousness, something that hasn't been the case as the season ended in late November in previous years.
This is not the case this year, but in future years, it could also provide the opportunity for the best teams to actually play. With a 12 team conference, as it was with an 11 team conference, not everyone plays each other in a given regular season. It gave to talk that teams were only winning the conference because they played a weaker schedule. Now, teams are able to play the best team in the conference in order to win the conference. For football, it's the best solution.
For what it's worth, I'm picking Wisconsin by two touchdowns.

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