Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Picante Crostinis

I love Chopped, the competitive cooking show on the Food Network. I love the on the spot creativity that is required of competitors creating recipes and dishes with a few mystery ingredients. One of the things that I note about the show is how every single episode has someone make a crostini. What is a crostini? It's basically an open faced sandwich.
Well, Chopped, I made a damned crostini. It was chicken, tomatoes and onions cooked in Picante sauce on top of spinach, cheese and of course, the bread. If there was one issue with it, its that my bread didn't get enough of a crunch on it, and eventually got really soggy. And the topping had too much dill. It was pretty decent, otherwise though.
If I were on Chopped, I would still need to work on my plating:



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