Sunday, December 04, 2011

Links of the Day 12/4/11

Hello everyone. It's time for pro football, Oregon Ducks notwithstanding.

Wisconsin held on to win the Big Ten Championship. Not quite the 2 touchdowns I predicted.

Mike Tyson.... SINGS

How do I know that the Turkish basketball history isn't so good? This is how.

Wyoming 22, Colorado 19 - The Cowboys finish off the regular season at 8-4, and will almost certainly be Bowling this month.
North Dakota State 26, James Madison 14 - NDSU moves on to the quarterfinals, which features Montana, Montana State and, of course, the Bison. Something in the water in the high Plains. Well water, of course.
Minnesota 55, USC 40 - Seriously, don't write off the Gophers yet. 2-0 without Mbakwe against major conference teams.
Xavier 66, Purdue 63 - Maybe the worst game ever. The Musketeers ended the game on a 30-8 run. Just awful.
Kansas 70, South Florida 42- Big win against a Big East team. Yeah, that's right, South Florida is Big East. Remember that when people talk about how deep the conference is.
Belmont 82, Mercer 78 - To lose by 4 on the road at what is clearly the class of the A-Sun is almost a victory for Mercer. This is a strong team.
North Dakota State 84, IUPUI 79 - These small schools get to the conference schedule quick. I wonder if the NDSU team went to the Big Ten Championship after the game in Indianapolis.



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