Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Victoria Times College Football preview

I'm not going to get too far into detail on this, mostly because I haven't been to Spring Practices, I haven't stayed abreast of recruiting news and I am decidedly not an expert. This is just me talking here. The teams that I will cover are the ones that are of most importance to the Victoria Times. Purdue, Minnesota, North Dakota State, and this year's wild card, Wyoming.

Purdue: The Boilers, I think, are in a lot of trouble. Their first two choices for QB are injured (ACL's, of course) and one of those guys is entangled in the Miami fiasco. Still, Purdue has 15 returning starters, so this will tell us a lot about Danny Hope as a recruiter and coach. I say he sucks, but we will find out on the field, I suppose. If there is any light with this team, it's that they might have a decent ground attack. If Ralph Bolden stays healthy, then that is good news.

Minnesota: I am much higher on the Gophers this year. They won't be good, but I like their future. Jerry Kill seems to be what the team needs, and there are some athletes on the roster, like Marqueis Gray that might be able to surprise some weaker teams in the Big Ten. And then going forward, I think the Gophers will be a Bowl team for a while. Not this year though.

North Dakota State: I can say, with all honesty, that I know nothing about NDSU or their chances. I DO know that there are some outlets picking them to finish 2nd in their conference! They might be the best team listed here

Wyoming: The Cowboys have THREE freshmen competing to be the starting quarterback. Yikes. They are also playing in the one year that the Mountain West might be at it's toughest, with both Boise State AND TCU in conference. Still, they might pull off a win or two, like against, I don't know, UNLV (who they will play while I am there, and lost by almost 40 at Wisconsin today)

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