Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Breaded pork loin chops

Whenever I try to bread things, it doesn't get as breaded as I would like, and it's just generally a dry cut of of meat. This time it wasn't so bad. I don't generally like pork chops if they are too buried, because I just really like pork. But this time, the breading was light, there was some crisp to it, and it was actually a seasoned breading, with cumin and sage, and cornmeal which added some depth. The recipe I used suggested serving with baked beans and tomato, which I did. The beans acted almost as a sauce, which was certainly necessary, as pork is rarely juicy on its own.
As a side note, as I mentioned, I added cumin to the breading. If you have never used cumin, just know that it smells like BO. I would elaborate further, but you might never eat ethnic food again. At least there was sage in the dish, so there was one pleasant smelling spice.
Also, I have decided that I wanted to work on plating, so it looks better than what I usually throw up here. I still need some work.



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