Sunday, August 28, 2011

Links of the Day 8/28/11

Good evening, I hope these late Sunday links will keep you happy on Monday morning.

Here's a link that's 5 days old and I meant to link to but failed to do so. It's a poll among Purdue fans asking who was the most annoying Big Ten fan base.

Hey some kids played baseball.

The Star Tribune previewed the Big Ten. (Minnesota doesn't look so good)

(Saturday) Detroit 6, Minnesota 4 - 4 runs? Must be a typo
(Sunday) Minnesota 11, Detroit 3 - This is DEFINITELY a typo
(Saturday) Chicago 3, Seattle 0 - Oooh, shutting out Seattle. Who pitched? Someone with a pulse?
(Sunday) Chicago 9, Seattle 3 - The Sox are in 2nd place after this win.



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