Monday, August 29, 2011

Conflicts in the Twins clubhouse?

If you don't follow Denard Span and Danny Valencia on the Twitter, you might be unaware of their tete-a-tete this evening. It started with Span wondering what anyone thought of The Carter 4, Lil Wayne's new album.
Watch the Throne is a joint album from Kanye West and Jay-Z. It is also apparently soft shell taco mild sauce, which, if Danny Valencia is anything like me, well, soft shell tacos just aren't good. The battle rages on:
 I don't mean to be catty, but I suspect neither Span nor Valencia were ever a member of their school debate team. (Also, YMCMB is "Young Money Cash Money Billionaires" Wayne's company, "the roc" is Roc-a-fella, Jay-z's.) Also, I feel as though Danny may have misinterpreted Denard's meaning of the word "nice". I suspect he wasn't implying that Jay-Z was a swell guy to hang out with. But alas, at the end of this debate, just when things seem to be on the precipice of disaster, Denard recognizes the shear absurdity of it all. And then:

(Also, an anonymous lady tweeted this at Span: "I enjoyed seeing you on the field today, even though you're not a Twinkie any more. Best to you in your career! " Denard, Delmon, whatevs)

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