Saturday, September 24, 2011

Links of the Day 9/23/11

Hi... Missed 'em yesterday, once again, you get two rounds!

I now understand why I wasn't able to get a hotel in Laramie.

The most Twins thing that has happened all season.

Remember this as you watch the games this weekend

Rosenborg 2, Sogndal 1 - RBK came back late in this match.... not unlike what they are doing this season!
Minnesota 3, Seattle 2 (Thursday) - The Twins broke their losing streak!
Cleveland 6, Minnesota 5 (Friday) - The Twins broke their winning streak!
Cleveland 11, Chicago 5 (Thursday) - This is why Cleveland was able to nose past the Twins.. they were HOT!
Kansas City 11, Chicago 1 (Friday) - Kansas City just keeps plugging away like they still have something to play for. God bless 'em.



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