Sunday, September 18, 2011

Links of the Day 9/18/11

Week two! Go Colts!

It's a link about the NCAA basketball stadium, previewed in tweet form! What a cultural touchstone!

Wondering what happened to John Saunders yesterday?

Here are a few fun screen grabs from the week that was.

NCAA Football
Purdue 59, Southeast Missouri State 0 - You'll forgive me if I pretend for the rest of the season that Southeast Missouri State is a real team.
Wyoming 29, Bowling Green 28 - This is a huge road win for the Cowboys. And now they are undefeated, waiting for their big game at home against Nebraska
Minnesota 29, Miami (OH) 23 - This game led the Big Ten to be 1-1 against schools named "Miami" as Ohio State lost to the one in Florida.
Cleveland 10, Minnesota 4 - Hey, these guys are still playing
Kansas City 10, Chicago 3 - You heard it here first, the Royals will surprise next season.



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