Monday, September 19, 2011

Links of the Day 9/29/11

ESPN was down yesterday. I hope you made it out alive.

Thank you, University of Minnesota, for this delightful video.

The First Down Line, and how it works.

Hey, maybe join a fantasy hockey league, huh?

Green Bay 30, Carolina 23 - Better than seeing Cam Newton excel at this level? Seeing Jimmy Clausen forever relegated to the bench.
Cleveland 27, Indianapolis 19 - Things are bad in Indianapolis. Real, real bad.
Tampa Bay 24, Minnesota 20 - The Bucs came back from a 17-0 deficit at the break. Huge. But now I wonder if Tampa is actually any good.
Dallas 27, San Francisco 24 - The Niners put up a good fight. Just ask Tony Romo's ribcage.
Chicago 10, Kansas City 5 - The White Sox finally overcome those white hot, supremely talented  Royals
Cleveland 6, Minnesota 5 - I honestly had no idea what the score of this game was until just now. I should have suspected.



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