Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have found the worst team in the world

Ajax Lasnamae is a soccer team in Estonia's Meistriliiga, the premier division of Estonian soccer. As you can see, they are in last place, which is too bad. What is even worse is that they have only scored 8 goals in 29 matches. What's even worse, is that they are allowing goals at a rate of 4.7 a game. That's really bad in soccer. Note that the nearest team in defensive ineptitude in the Meistriliiga is Temmeka, who has allowed less than half as many goals as Ajax. Of course, Tammeka has a game in hand and could allow 69 goals in their next fixture.
So take heart, Twins fans, even if the team's offense is terrible, at least you aren't rooting for Ajax. They haven't scored since a July 30th fixture with crosstown rival Flora.
They lost 13-1

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