Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Links of the Day 9/21/11

It sure seems like fall out there, doesn't it? Usually this starts after the Twins' season is over. Oh... right.

Against all odds, the Pac-12 has decided against expansion. This is stunning.

Meanwhile, West Virginia will not be invited to any conferences looking to expand. This is hilarious.

The Rays seem like a fun team. Easy to be so when you win.

Cleveland 4, Chicago 3 - We are in the midst of the final three series. None of the 2 MLB teams we follow are in the post season. The Scoreboard is going to get lonely.
Chicago 5, Cleveland 4 - This is the time of year when doubleheaders and make up games are played. Seems sort of cruel, doesn't it?
Seattle 5, Minnesota 4- To be fair, the Twins just had a strenuous 1 day road trip.
Carling Cup
Blackburn Rovers 3, Leyton Orient 2 - The Rovers advance in their League Cup competition. They had a good draw for this round. Hopefully that continues.



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