Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You're making Joe Mauer look bad!

As I mentioned last month, local radio boob Tom Barnard and his asinine crony Bob Sansavere are saddened by the mere silver slugger performance of all-star superhuman Joe Mauer this season because his RBI total is on the low end this year. Of course, your RBI totals are only as good as your opportunities, and with Orlando Hudson off to the DL, those are going to be fewer.
Now, Matt Tolbert, you are apparently the new guy to occupy the second spot in the line up (though you may be best served at the bottom of the order) so it's on you to make Mauer look good. You need to be on base so Joe can drive you in and Barnard doesn't form a mob to drive the best player on the team out of town for not putting together a silly overrated state!
In all my criticisms of Ron Gardenhire, though, I have to say that he tends to get the most out of terrible players, so maybe you will work out just fine.




GAAAH!!!! butatthefirstsignoftalentfromacrappyplayerheputsthatplayerinthelineupeverydaybecauseheovervalueshustleanditdragsdowntheteaman OH MY GOD GARDY PUT SOMEONE WHO WILL BE ON BASE AT THE TOP OF THE ORDER AND NOT MATT FREAKING TOLBERT!!!! NICK PUNTO IS A BETTER OPTION THAN HIM!
/ passes out

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