Sunday, June 06, 2010

The inevitable fate of college football

The Big Ten wanted to expand, allegedly all the way to 16. The Pac 10 is now responding by trying to add most of the Big 12. In response, the SEC, Mountain West and ACC will probably dismantle some other conferences in an effort to strengthen their conference and market share.
Let's just take this to the logical conclusion. Eventually, we'll have these 5 super conferences jockeying for position, all with small conferences remaining left out. One enterprising conference will realize that having some bottom feeders will make the existing members look even stronger in bids to make national title games, and will start absorbing the MAC, WAC, Sun Belt and Conference USA.
Realizing how much money is available to a conference that stretches coast to coast, these super conferences will begin to merge, and eventually we will have 1 120 team "Mega Conference" that will be called something pithy, like the National Collegiate Athletic Association or something. Of course, a conference that unwieldy will need to be broken up into divisions, like something around the Great Lakes including, say, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. MAYBE Penn State. That would be a pretty good group of big name schools those 10 (or 11).
This is where we're headed people, like it or not.

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