Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cooking with Ryan: Bolognese

This is actually the second time I've made this dish, but I was able to make a couple of tweaks. The first time, I used spaghetti, and this time my friend who gave me the recipe suggested I use a heartier noodle, like bowtie. That would have been great, but I already had shells from last weeks escapades.
The other change was that I left out the celery for the simple reason that I didn't notice it among the ingredients this time. Oops. Anyways, the sauce is excellent because of the way the meat is treated, infused with garlic and onions, which are two of my favorites and one of the big reasons why nobody ever wants to kiss me.  /remembers to get a piece of Trident
Anyways, this is a dish, now that I have made it twice and done so successfully that makes me feel like I can cook. I would definitely serve it to any  guests that would let me know that they are coming. Lord knows I shouldn't eat as much of it as I did.



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