Friday, June 04, 2010

Browner Pastures

Joey Browner was a very good safety for the Vikings back in the 80s. In my formative years, before the Vikings made themselves completely unlikeable (thanks mostly to out of state ownership, political bullying, and a recently unpalatable hubris) , Browner was one of my favorite players. As it turns out, we now live in the same town, Eagan, Minnesota (The name of this blog has been a misnomer for about 3 years now).
Well, Browner is running for mayor. Lets run down the facts.
- He tried to run for city council but filed late, then sued the city because the instructions on filing were vague.
- Browner lost the law suit, and the judge ordered Browner to pay the city 510 dollars in legal expenses.
- Browner has not paid those legal expenses.
- He filed at the last minute. At least those instructions were less vague this time.
- He has a website.
- The website does not work.

Like I have said many a time here at the Times, I try to avoid politics. I cannot stay quiet on this matter, however. I am not voting for Joey Browner. Of course, you just need to ask Carl Eller, Jesse Ventura or Al Franken how celebrities do in Minnesota elections.

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Anonymous EaganResident said...

Lets get more facts down:
The decision is being appealed and therefore should not be paid

He made the deadline. First people complain that he did not make a deadline and now they are complaining about that he did make the deadline. I find it interesting that an employee at Eagan found it necessary to inform the press of the time Browner filed but nothing is said of Maquire's timing.

His website is up and running. Try it again

Lets get the facts right before you call them facts

9:16 PM  

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