Saturday, January 12, 2008

A warning post.

This post is mostly a warning. Next week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be having a three part college football post that's going to be positively epic. EPIC. So, I figured I should probably throw up a post regarding another sport or two that you might like to read about. The problem is, however, that I've been working too many 2-10 shifts and have been missing everything. I'm completely out of the loop. So, instead, I will send you to some places with good, solid, important information.

For Hockey, there is the esteemed Barry Melrose Rocks, getting ready for the trading deadline, with some rumor pointers.

Speaking of rumors... heard any good Johan Santana rumors lately? Oh, the Mets now? I like that idea. I would make a trade with the Mets while demanding less than I would from the Red Sox or Yankees or any other AL team. But that's just me.

Goose Gossage was voted into the Hall of Fame. I really don't care who is in and who is out. I do care about Fire Joe Morgan and their take on everything.

There are several other sports that I didn't get around to linking to a good blog for. Hopefully you will find them on your own. (By the way, your winners this weekend are going to be the Jags, Colts, Cowboys and Packers)

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