Sunday, January 01, 2012

Links of the Day 1/1/12

I am in Marion, Illinois, and I had Steak and Shake for dinner. Life's good.

Yes, the first link of the new year is an NBA link. But it's funny.

Baseball players born on New Years Day.

Local news blooper highlight reel. It made me laugh out loud alone in a hotel room several times. Police have been called.

Kansas 84, North Dakota 58 - They were beat so bad, the Fighting Sioux had to change their name.
Purdue 75, Illinois 60 - The common response from pundits after the game? "Illinois was overrated". Whatever.
Michigan 61, Minnesota 56- I wonder what the Gophers will do at home. But they need to win on the road too.
Phoenix 4, Minnesota 2 - The Wild close out the year with another loss. They need to get healthy soon.
New Orleans 45, Carolina 17 - The Saints storm the playoffs on a very hot streak.
Jacksonville 19, Indianapolis 13 - I am quite pleased that I wasn't home to watch this one.
Chicago 17, Minnesota 13 - Or this one
San Francisco 34, St. Louis 27- The 49ers earned the 2nd seed in the NFC. OF course, that likely means a date with the aforementioned Saints in 2 weeks. Too bad.



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