Friday, December 30, 2011

Links of the Day 12/30/11

Only one more links post left in 2011. Crazy, right?

Several people have asked me to comment on Oregon's bowl uniforms. It is very clar to me that Oregon has already won, and stupid uniforms are here to stay. Instead, here is Oregon running back LaMichael James completely terrified on a roller coaster.

Oh man. This is an awesome story, made all the better by the perfect headline "this anaconda want buns, hun"

This video did not take place in Minnesota. You can tell because the driver was attentive. Also, he was speaking Russian.

Minnesota 4, Edmonton 3 - The Wild win! The streak is over!
Kansas 89, Howard 34 - In my Google Calendar, it just lists teams by their nickname. Howard is the Bison. I thought NDSU had a rough night.Well, they did because they are in Fargo, but at least they didn't get destroyed on the court.



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