Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm leaving for Macon tomorrow

In case you, like nobody else, was wondering, I have been posting year in review posts because I wanted to post a "hey, I'm skipping town for a while" post today. The plan is to leave as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning, which could be 8, could be 10. Then I will get to southern Illinois or western Kentucky by nightfall. I will make the rest of the drive to Macon on Monday. There shouldn't be traffic in Nashville or Atlanta, right?
I have a ticket waiting for me at Will Call at Mercer (three dollars!) and will spend a couple days in Macon before heading to Fort Myers for a few days. Then it's three days on the way back, and plow, back to regular posting.
I will try to throw up a few posts while I'm gone, but Steve has a couple in the can for New Years Day and the 2nd, so I will be gone from your eyes until the third. The game looks better and better with every result that comes through for those teams. Florida Gulf Coast is on a two game winning streak, with games against Toledo and Maine, while Mercer continues to look strong against big time opponents, like Georgia Tech and Seton Hall. I can honestly say, I don't know who will win this game, but I bet it will be a pretty good contest.
There will be a few tweets, so stay tuned while I'm on the road! Happy New Year, everyone!



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