Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Indianapolis' answer at quarterback

Yes, I am proposing that the Colts add Colt. Hear me out.
The problem with Indianpolis this season wasn't so much that Peyton Manning was injured, but that Curtis Painter was an absolute embarrassment. I can't see the Colts moving Peyton Manning, or keeping Manning and assumed first pick Andrew Luck, but it's very clear that the team needs an additional QB on the roster. It just so happens that the Browns are likely in the market for an upgrade at quarterback, own two first round picks (including one in the top 5) and have a player on the roster that would be an obvious upgrade for the current Indianapolis QB depth.
The Colts have been respectable with Dan Orlovsky at the helm, which is mind blowing, and goes to show just how terrible Painter is and was. Orlovsky probably played himself into a job elsewhere. The Colts likely realized that a having a quarterback on the roster that wasn't an utter disaster is key. Some people have said the Brown could move their top two picks for the third pick and take Robert Griffin. What if they through in Colt McCoy and nabbed the number 1 overall selection? I think the Browns would jump at the chance, and I, personally, would love the move.
McCoy seems like a smart kid, and has been a starting QB for 6 years when you include his time at Texas. He would be more than capable of stepping in and leading the team to a .500 record (or so) if Manning were injured for a few games again. Then, the Colts would also have two first rounders. Looking at available players at those spots according to Walter Football, the team would be much better if they had, say, corner back Dre Kirkpatrick and defensive tackle Brandon Thompson? Or a better running back? Or a younger wide out? The defense has been a problem for years. The quarterback has been an issue for one. Hear's hoping the Colts (and Colt) can take steps to solve both.

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