Sunday, September 04, 2011

Links of the Day 9/4/11

Good morning. One week until a football Sunday.

Bill Simmons has a pretty good thesis on the MVP award.

Yesterday, Boise State had to play without three players. Because they are Dutch.

I will repeat again... Blackburn is doing nothing right this season.

NCAA Football
Purdue 27, Middle Tennessee State 24 - It took a late, lucky drive to win this one for Purdue. Like I said.... so bad. You have no idea.
USC 19, Minnesota 17 - Didn't see any of this game, but this has to be regarded as a positive result for the Gophers fan base.
North Dakota State 42, Lafayette 6 - North Dakota State was the only school that came through with a resounding, solid victory of any of the followed teams.
Wyoming 35, Weber State 32 - How bad must the Cowboys' defense be? My goodness.

Detroit 9, Chicago 8 - As the baseball season comes to an end, it looks like Detroit is going to take down the AL Central.
California 10, Minnesota 6 - Oh rats, and here I thought the Twins had a chance.



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