Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two fun baseball related notes

First, as I'm sure most readers here are aware, the 2012 MLB schedule is out. As you may have heard, I am a rather vociferous Twins fan, and I like to go to the Twins game played on or near my birthday. Next season starts a day after my birthday, so I will be going to the season opener.... in Baltimore. Preliminary plans are underway.

Second, I was looking for a different post, and I came across my MLB preview. Check, check it out. Groovy. Now take a look at the standings. If the season ended tonight (it does not), I am 7/8 on postseason teams, missing only the Giants. And really, sorry for picking the defending champs to make the post season again. If my powers of clairvoyance hold, that means the Tigers and Phillies will be playing for the World Series title.



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