Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Scoreboard (9/12-14)

All right, here is a look at the scores from the week.

(Monday) Rosenborg 6, Sarpsborg 0 - Despite my worries, RBK is three points out of a trip to Europe with two games in hand.

(Monday) Detroit 14, Chicago 4 - Hey, you know what? I think Delmon Young is actually pretty good.
(Tuesday)Detroit 5, Chicago 0 - Detroit, as they say, is on a roll
Kansas City 4, Minnesota 0 - Wow, both teams we follow getting shut out.
(Wednesday) Detroit 6, Chicago 5 - Chicago, at least, kept it close.
Kansas City 7, Minnesota 3 - To be fair, it is sort of unfair that the Twins are expected to play against a Major League Team.



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