Friday, September 16, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Strawberry and almond creme parfait

Don't worry, everyone, I had steak for dinner, ahead of making this, so I'm still manly. But this parfait was one of those things that, even if it didn't come together perfectly, it was still going to taste very good. It didn't come together quite perfectly, and I seriously can't fathom why. The almond creme didn't thicken as I would have hoped, and I feel like I did everything right. Still, with as much sugar as I put into it, as well as the whole vanilla bean and marzipan, it was bound to taste good.
But alas, like all parfaits, there was more too it than just the almond creme. The other elements were just magnificent, from the candied almonds (though I used confectioners sugar instead of the regular kind... stupid, stupid, stupid) to the sugar covered strawberries to the whip cream was spot on. And yes, I did do something with all of those. I whipped my own cream. It was all very good, despite kind of falling apart and mushing together when thrown in the glass. Also, yes, this is a Stella Artois glass.



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