Friday, September 09, 2011

Just sayin'

Since he has gone to Detroit, Delmon Young is batting .312 with a slugging percentage of .462 and an OPS of .782. Fun fact: If this was kept up for a season, it would be his second highest total in his career. But hey, he had a crappy start to the season, right?
If you remove the two first, injury riddled months of the season, those same rate stats are .305/.436/.773. All of these would be his second highest rates in his career. Actually, no. Check that. That's the highest batting average in his career. But you know, he was injured for those two months, so he is a lazy, no good player.
Or you know, people were biased against him the whole time and looked for any excuse to crap all over him.
Just sayin'
(Also, this is before today's game, in which he hit another home run)



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