Saturday, August 27, 2011

Links of the Day 8/27/11

As a meteorologist who doesn't live on the east coast, I am sick of Irene. Sorry.

All this baseball... postponed.

Reassuring commentary on Delone Carter, Colts' rookie running back.

There is a lot of labor strife overseas, where it involves the the major soccer associations. Spain is striking, Italy is next.

Detroit 8, Minnesota 1 - The Twins set a record for longest consecutive streak without scoring 2 runs. Six games at 1 or less! (Delmon Young drove in three by himself)
Chicago 4, Seattle 2 - We are getting outscored by Seattle here in Minnesota. Come on.
Everton 1, Blackburn 0 - Everton is in desperate straits, financially. They may have to go into a desperate sell off of their players just to survive. Blackburn lost at home to Everton.



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