Saturday, July 09, 2011

The worst trade in Twins history?

At the 1994 trade deadline, (strike year!) the Twins dealt Dave Winfield to the Cleveland Indians. It being in the midst of the strike, the trade was for a player to be named, but after the season was canceled, said player was never named. Still, the Indians had Winfield.
The Twins and Indians executives met for dinner then in the offseason, with the Indians picking up the tab. The trade was then called even. Dave Winfield, hall of famer, was traded for dinner.

(This was not the intended post. There was an angry rant ready to go, and you may still see tomorrow, and then Derek Jeter hit #3000 in dramatic fashion, so I was going to mention that, even give him kudos, but I started boring into 3000 hit history and looked up Dave Winfield. And now we have this post.)

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