Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cooking with Ryan: Peanut Chipotle pork ribs with a tomatillo relish

These ribs were off to an auspicious start, that's for sure. I intended to marinate them in a soy/garlic/ginger marinade for 24 hours, but only after I had it in the marinade did I realize I was supposed to have boiled the marinade first. In essence, I marinated the ribs in soy sauce, not ginger and garlic. WEll, sort of marinated them, because in transport between the counter and the fridge, I dumped half of the marinade all over the kitchen. Oops.
It got better, though, so never fear. The actual barbecue sauce that I created, was a Bobby Flay recipe that, as you might be able to tell, incorporated peanut butter. This was a good sauce, I tell you. There were a ton of spices in it too. I am used to a dash of this and a pinch of that. Oh no. Spoon fulls of cayenne, paprika, ancho chile powder. It was a big red pile of seasoning, and I was terrified that my insides would melt. They did not, I am happy to say. The sauce really mellowed out after it was exposed to the flames.
Oh, yeah, about my grill. It's a little portable charcoal grill, that is decidedly NOT Bobby Flay approved. I was worried that the rack would even fit, and it DID. That was a miracle. But it worked, and it cooked just fine, maybe a little too well, but I won't complain, because as I said, the sauce was so flippin good. I ate half a rack in one sitting.
The tomatillo relish was... odd. It was alternately called a salsa, which I guess would work too. I had never had a tomatillos before, so I was surprised whent I cut them open. It almost reminded me of a kiwi, except you eat more the skin than the seeded flesh. The tomatillos took on flavor very well too. There was jalapeno in the relish too, and cutting that off set me off coughing, sneezing, everything. It was crazy. Pepper spray works, people.
Without further ado, here are my ribs, cooling in a dish. I am about to go finish them off.



Blogger Loser Domi said...

I don't even know what a tomatillo is, but looking at those ribs? NOM NOM NOM

5:47 PM  

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