Monday, July 04, 2011

A total Cappshoot

A couple of rough outings against Milwaukee have many Twins fans doubting the decision to keep Matt Capps in the closer role this season. For once, I have to agree with Gardenhire on this decision. Let me tell you why.
There are three people that you could envision in the closer's role: Capps, Joe Nathan and Glenn Perkins. Starting with Perkins, he has undoubtedly been the best pitcher out of the pen this year. I am of the opinion if that you can't pitch effectively in the 9th inning, because it's the 9th inning, you have no business playing Major League Baseball. With that assumption aside, I would rather have bad Capps (pitching his worst season of his career) confined to one inning in ultra specific situations than to have Perkins, as I said, the best pitcher in the pen, restricted like that. And as much as Capps has struggled, even if he converts all of his saves, the team is still decidedly below .500.
As for Nathan, it comes down to trade value. Nathan's probably wouldn't improve if he was dropped in the closer's role, and he wouldn't be any more effective than Capps. The fact that he has a reputation as an excellent closer may be enough as the deadline approaches. Capps can only improve his worth at this point, proving that he is a capable closer, or at the very least, a benefit in the bullpen (of course with as bad as the Twins' pen is, he IS a benefit in the pen).
I will never complain about a bad pitcher in the closer position, because I am of the opinion that you are wasting a good pitcher, using them for but one inning in super specific situations, and I am not about to disagree with Capps keeping his job.

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