Thursday, July 07, 2011

Links of the Day 7/7/11

Another day in the summer, so it can't possibly be that bad.

Here is your Elite English  team vs Semi-Pro Faroese team update: Fulham and Runavik played a scoreless draw today. (But Fulham moved on on aggregate)

College hockey is getting completely realigned, and St. Cloud and Mankato are SCREWED.

Hey, this will soon no longer be a blogspot blog!

Tampa 12, Minnesota 5 - Now would be a good note that I will be updating the Perceived Value spread sheet whenever I damn well please. But it will be updated. (Joe Mauer's bases loaded blunder dropped him three spots, and Alexi Casilla and Rene Tosoni dropped 1 and 2 spots respectively)
Kansas City 4, Chicago 1 - Hey, the Royals moving up in the standings!



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